Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Y'all, I am more than excited to talk about this amazing brand I discovered while on Instagram a few weeks ago! Anarchy Street brings us current jewelry and accessory trends and I knew right away that I had to make an order with them and give them a try. I think accessorizing makes all of the difference when it comes to Fashion and sometimes, it doesn't even have to be about JUST jewelry. When I want to play up an outfit, I'll throw on a printed scarf, add a bright bag, or even a make a ribbon choker to make my outfit stand out even more. Anarchy Street provide a variety of fashion jewelry, personalized jewelry, accessories such as handbags, fun phone cases and flash tattoos and to be quite frank, their entire vibe stood out to me and I fell in love. 
And even if you're not big on jewelry or you're hesitant to venture out and take a fashion risk, Anarchy Street want to help you take that first step with their Anarchist Box! It's not a subscription service (you can cancel at anytime) but they do have stylists that help analyze your fashion preferences and provide you with three different pieces that suite you the most based off of your style profile. 
I purchased the Opulent Stone Ring set before I joined their affiliate team to become a representative and I can be 100% honest and happy to say that I am very pleased with my purchase and VERY excited that I can share this amazingly cool brand with all of you! The rings were very great quality and each ring is unique and beautiful. I was also able to leave a note before I made my purchase and I asked that they send me the smallest size possible so that they were a perfect fit and they did just that! Please let me know if you decide to check them out and enjoy 10% off your entire purchase (with free shipping!) using my code JUSTINA10 Have a great one 


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