Friday, February 1, 2019

Favorite Amazon Swimsuits Under $30

I've rounded up nine of my favorite swimsuits all under $30 for y'all and they are SO CUTE! I've seen so many other fellow bloggers sharing their favorites and I have two of them in my Amazon cart now! Can't wait to share them and I think they're going to be perfect for summer time!!
I know swimwear can be a little concerning when it comes to our body shapes and sizes, so I tried to find some really nice ones that would suit different body types and preferences and made sure the reviews checked out as well! Keep in mind that some vendors may change their names or photos of the actual product depending on how demanding or popular it is so just make sure to read all reviews before making your purchase. Feel free to shop and let me know which ones are your favorite styles in the comment section below ☼

*All photos are shoppable! Just click on the image and it will send you straight to the product.*

*This one piece is no longer available on Amazon so I found one almost identical but it does not have reviews yet. The original swimsuit is sold on for $46 and it's waitlisted*

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