Thursday, February 28, 2019

T.J.Maxx Designer Sale

This post may seem out of character because I will be 100% honest with y'all, I do not own one single high end, designer handbag or wallet. I have always been a budget friendly gal, who loves designer brands but dupes it out when I know I don't have any (money) or business buying something worth more than I can afford. With that being said, I don't see anything wrong with anyone that owns anything designer, if it makes you happy and you have the money, that is awesome, but there may be a day that I walk into a Gucci or Louis Vuitton store and want to get something just for me because I earned it, maybe..😁 Hey, a girl can dream!

This sale is honestly too good to pass up and I'm sharing this because I have a lot of women in my family that I think would really love to see some of these amazing pieces heavily discounted! I did the math on some of the bags and there are a few marked down almost $600.00 and these are all brand new so this would be the perfect opportunity if you've been saving up for that special bag! There are tons more that I didn't include so take your time going through their selection!!

*Some of the items have been sold out (I apologize in advance if it's something you've been wanting but this sale is RIDICULOUS and things seem to be going quick!) I created this widget earlier today and just now checked to see what all is still available.*

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