Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Amazon Swimsuit Round Up Under $30

Y'all loved my last Amazon swimsuit post so I wanted to go hunt down a few more for y'all in case you were wanting to place an order before the spring and summer! I tried to find really cute, affordable swimwear with as many great reviews as possible that will suit all body shapes! Be sure to read the sizing details and double check that you're able to return the suit in case it doesn't satisfy you and please keep in mind that some may not be available on prime and may take a few weeks to arrive. When things are in high demand, Amazon likes to inflate the prices or charge a shipping fee so you may have to check back every so often until they're available to purchase using Amazon prime. I am loving these swimsuits so far, I also ordered two more that I want to try out so I am hoping they arrive within a timely manner so that I can show you all the fit and quality! Should I do a post on swimsuit cover up's next?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ☀

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