Monday, February 25, 2019

Favorite Amazon Accessories

If y'all are like me, you'd know just how much I love Amazon and Amazon Prime. I am guilty of using my brothers Prime account and making one too many purchases because of the convenience and selection of just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Today I'm sharing all of my favorite accessories; most of these are designer dupes as well and they're just so so good! I love timeless pieces, things I can carry into different seasons and all things affordable so I hope I did this favorites list justice!
Please keep in mind that some items may not be available for purchase because they're currently out of stock but most vendors are able to restock fairly quickly so just keep an eye out for anything you're interested in! I always make sure to read the reviews on anything I plan on buying through Amazon and all of these accessories have great reviews and photos from real buyers! Enjoy and Happy Monday! 

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